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Merger Announcement with Deloitte

Since our firm's inception in 2004, we have continuously aspired to transform our professional services to higher levels.

We have rapidly expanded our office from a small audit firm into a major player in the local and regional market.

In 2009, we joined HLB international network and expanded our locations to include Jerusalem, Ramallah, Gaza and Bethlehem making it the largest spread firm in Palestine.

We have diversified our professional services into audit, accounting, tax, human resources, liquidation services, strategic planning, and financial consultancy.

Commencing June 1, 2017, in order to better serve our clients, we have merged our practice with Deloitte Middle East, the largest Audit firm in the world.

Deloitte - Palestine serves a wide range of large financial institutions including Banks, and Insurance companies, and listed companies  and all major donor projects and entities.

Together with our existing solid client portfolio, and Deloitte's unlimited resources,  we aspire to grow the business even further taking it to the highest level possible.

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Samir B. Sahhar