Israel Labor Law


 Working day/week/month

  • For 5 days weekly 9 hours a day
  • For 6 days weekly 8 hours a day
  • Working week must not exceeds 45 working hours
  • Working month must not exceeds 186 working hours
  • Working for six hours or more day employee must get break for 45 minutes, including one continuous break of at least half an hour;
  • If the employee required to stay at workplace the break time is considered a part of working hours
  • Week rest must be at least 36 continuous hours
  • Between two working days the break shall be eight hours.

An employer must keep a register of hours of work, weekly rest hours, overtime, and overtime and for work on weekly rest, which will register the details prescribed by regulations. Also records for wages paid and salary slips.


An employee is entitled to receive wages not less than the minimum daily, hourly or monthly rates established by law. Currently the gross rates are NIS 25 per hour, NIS 4,650 per month.


To Date

Minimum Wage amount



NIS 4,650



The greater of :-
47.5% of average wages NIS 4,650



The greater of :-
47.5% of average wages NIS ,825



NIS 5,000

The salary income tax, and employee share in national insurance and provident fund will be deducted from gross salary.

An employee is entitled to be paid no later the 9th day of the following month.

An employee is entitled to reimbursement of business travel expenses for each day that the transportation actually used. Except for transportation by their employers, to get to work. Based on whether the employee needs for transport according to objective criteria of distance from residence to work. If the employee is entitled for home- work transportation allowance the employer must pay the actual transportation expense up to NIS 26.4 per working day and this amount is changeable based on public transportation pricing.

  • Working for overtime will be paid 125% for the first two hours overtime daily and 150% starting from the third hour, only if the total weekly working hours exceed 43.
  • Working in weekends and holidays will be paid 175% of the regular salary for the first two hours and 200% starting from the third hour.

Annual leave law:

According to Israeli labor law , the employee is entitled to specific number of days as paid annual leave based on year of service within the organization, as follows:-

Year of Service

Annual leave days

First four years 14
Fifth year 16
Sixth year 18
Seventh year 21
For eighth years onwards Day on every year
Fourteenth year and onwards 28

If the employee did not complete the year, annual leaves will be calculated proportionally.

The number of days above includes the weekends and the leave date will be determined according to the arrangement between employer and employee to be suitable for work conditions.

Sick leave calculated as 1.5 day per working month which equal 18 day , and can accumulate up to 90 day.

For each parent they can absent up to 8 days for the sickness of their children and the will be deducted from sick leaves balance.

In the cases of death of close relative the employee is entitled to a leave of 7 days including the rest days.

A female employee is entitled to a paid maternity leave 14 week